Internet Marketing

Internet marketing is concerned with the efficient and needs-oriented design of exchange processes on the Internet and is currently the most popular advertising medium.

From being merely an informational medium, the Internet has changed into a more comprehensive communication and interaction platform. The technological network has long become a social network which brings together all virtual communities. People with similar interests gather information, exchange ideas and do business with each other. Communication and commerce are not in conflict. On the contrary, a vibrant virtual community offers advantages and benefits to both members and product and service providers. The book “living web” describes successful European applications in the following areas:

  • Virtual Communities
  • Software Agents in Action
  • CyberCash
  • Price-oriented business models
  • Perfect website
  • Multimedia Dialogue Systems
  • Net Management
  • Cyber democracy

Effective Internet strategies for entrepreneurs

E-commerce and e-business is business models no longer a vision; professions such as webmaster or WebMerchant have bright prospects for the future. Using the example of two large and three medium-sized German companies, existing Internet strategies are presented and the respective existing skill gaps of employees and management are analyzed. The required new fields of activity are described in detail and concrete training opportunities are presented.