The dilemma of traditional marketing

Before starting this message, I would like to give a brief overview of what H2H is and the context in which it operates. We know that market sale are a very important link in both the b2b industry and the b2c industry. Company shareholders often take market sales and short-term interests as their first goals.

To maximize profits, marketing often hides key customer information or exaggerates product value and service boundaries to get customers to pay. In the short term, this kind of behavior can often achieve certain goals and generate good returns, but this is based on an era of information asymmetry.

However, behind this false marketing, the damage to the value of the company and the brand is getting more and more serious, the long-term interests of the company are damaged, and even the company is on the verge of bankruptcy because today’s market has been informed by digitalization and Internet. The information gap between buyers and sellers has become smaller and smaller. Buyers, whether they are individual buyers or enterprises, can easily learn the product information they need or the product information of the same type from the Internet. There are countless options, and any previous negative impact from false marketing will be amplified online or through customer word of mouth. Businesses today tend to live in the spotlight or a magnifying glass. Therefore, the traditional marketing model maintains a healthy growth through advertising exaggeration or the personal speech eloquence of top salesmen.

At the same time, under the general market environment, the lack of global resources, the voice of sustainable development is getting louder and louder, and people’s concept of sustainable development is getting deeper and deeper. More and more attention will be paid to it, but the desire to buy is less and less stimulated by exaggerated publicity. People pay more attention to whether the products they will buy are really helpful to them, whether they remove unnecessary functions, and whether the cost performance is high, especially in today’s global economic slowdown caused by the new crown epidemic, people’s purchasing power will become smaller and smaller, and purchasing behavior or decision-making will become more and more cautious.

  Credibility has seriously declined as consumers learn about marketers’ empty promises and aggressive tactics. Given this, the question arises: whether marketing in its current form can survive, or whether its paradigm needs to be changed.

  To survive, marketing must get back to the core of creating a meaningful value proposition. Marketing must play a key role in identifying and understanding customer attitudes and behaviors in a business’s innovation. For this to happen, marketers must again be in direct contact with customers by merging with those involved: employees, customers, and partners). It will have to play an important role in the transformation of industrial enterprises.

New Marketing model H2H is coming!

This person-to-person sales model will no longer be guided by product interests but will be guided by the actual needs of customers, tailor products according to customer needs, fundamentally meet customer needs, remove redundant and ineffective functions, and improve products. While using the value, it reduces the additional cost of the product, and obtains customer feedback through digital network channels, allowing customers to participate in the product development process or product update iteration process from the source. This not only makes the product more attractive but also makes the buyer and seller closer. They are no longer a separate sales or separate purchase relationship in the past, but more like a cooperative partner. Develop products or required services and customize them to save resources and reduce waste of resources in the context of the environment. This behavior will also be welcomed by the government and encouraged by policies. It can be said that the h2h model is a way to meet the current trend. sales model.

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