New H2H Markeing Case Study collection

  • Presents selected case studies on H2H Marketing
  • Brings forward a human-centric approach to marketing strategy
  • Identifies the benefits and opportunities from design thinking, service-dominant logic and digital transformation

The perception of critical competencies in human-oriented management, sustainability, and workforce resilience has drastically shifted among executives following the Corona pandemic and the Ukraine invasion. Human-to-human (H2H) Marketing has gained prominence globally, particularly in Far East countries like India, Japan, Vietnam, and Iran. The Case Study Collection book explores human integrity and honor within the marketplace, offering real-life examples to supplement the previously published H2H Marketing book. The shift in marketing involves a redefined role, integrating Design Thinking, Service-Dominant Logic, and Digitalization. This change addresses evolving customer and marketer mindsets, emphasizing the importance of the right approach and dynamic implementation for meaningful value propositions. The book is essential for executives, managers, professors, students, customers, and employees. It presents case studies demonstrating the H2H Marketing Model’s application, acknowledging pioneers like John Mackey and Marc Benioff. The book acknowledges contributors and aims to facilitate classroom use in business schools and executive training.

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